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Project Managers vs Project Leaders

You can train somebody to be a good project manager, but great project managers seem to be born and not made. Excellence depends on certain innate characteristics: “Some of us got ‘em, and some of us don’t.” “Project management requires competencies in three subject areas: technology, business and behaviour,”...

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Next “G” Leaders

The “G” is not just for generation; it is also for “Grooming”. What makes or breaks organizational success almost always comes down to the leadership criteria in that particular company. Talented and dynamic leaders provide a very keen competitive edge that spans trans-global barriers and hyper-competitive environments. Good leaders...

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Leadership Cannot Be Reduced to Lists

Leaders, writes psychologist Howard Gardner, tend to have — and to need — an “inclination from early childhood for risk-taking and a willingness to go to great lengths — often in defiance of others, including those in positions of authority — in order to achieve their ends.” Then, too,...

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A Road To Leadership

The formula of life: we are born, we mature, we are educated, we work, we retire and we die. There are only two constants in this equation: we are born and we die. The richness and tapestry of life between these milestones is a factor of many things, but...

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Leadership Mastery for High Performance Leaders

The Key Driver of Growth, Profitability, Performance and Competitive Advantage “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi Today’s leaders navigate a world that’s undergoing continuous change. As the landscape changes, so do the tools needed for leaders to harness that change...

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