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Barriers to Leadership Growth: Beware the 3I’s

by V. S. Ravi Elangkoh “When bosses start feeling too secure about Insecurity… When your leaders are constantly ignoring Ignorance… When the management becomes immersed in Inertia… That’s a sure way to wipe out the organization’s existence!   ~ V. S. Ravi Elangkoh   In August 2013, the web...

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Why We All Wear Tinted Glasses and Hire the Wrong Candidate

by V. S. Ravi Elangkoh The traffic light turns amber but instead of slowing down, a car speeds past it. Your mind immediately goes: “What a reckless driver!”

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Interview with Grant Donovan, PhD

INVICTUS LEADER speaks to Grant Donovan, PhD, Master Trainer and Learning Facilitator of Paradigm Learning, who will be conducting a Zodiak workshop* on business finance and strategy on 9 October 2013 in Malaysia. (*Click here for more details about the Zodiak workshop.) Invictus Leader (IL): How would you describe discovery learning in...

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