The Key Driver of Growth, Profitability, Performance and Competitive Advantage

“I don’t look to jump over 7-foot bars. I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.”- Warren Buffett

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Success is attributed great significance in recent times, and our careers are weighed against the success we are able to achieve in our chosen field. This is the era of competitiveness and thus, it is our due responsibility to be prepared for our jobs and duties even if we are fresh in the field.

Coaching, Influencing and Mentoring are vital elements in any person’s growth because guidance is the utmost factor behind anybody’s success; hence, proper guidance and support from quality experts and experienced people will definitely help people to move ahead in their profession of choice.

Influence is the capacity of having an effect on someone, or something. In organizations, it is the power of producing results through others. The success of your project – and the course of your career – depends on your ability to influence people to get things done.

The potential within people is immense – what is needed is support and guidance. Organizations are finally realizing what we have known since the Vedic Age: the value of the coach and mentor and the importance of this unique fulfilling relationship that can change the future of both and also that of the organization.

Who should attend and Why YOU should attend 

Consider these important leadership questions:

  • How much potential do you see untapped in your organization?
  • Want your leaders to be more effective coaches and mentors?
  • Would you like to develop your next set of leaders internally, rather than having to hire outside your organization?

The answers to these questions lie within you and within the people of your organization. You have the raw materials. It takes coaches, mentoring and leadership influence to bring these things out – to unleash the potential!

[Image courtesy of Kosta Kostov]