Why Leadership is still the No. 1 Human Capital Challenge: 

Leadership or Liarship?

(Part 2)

by Ravi Elangkoh


What is the state of leadership today?

I have listened to impressive speeches presented by leaders of organizations at town hall meetings and company retreats, describing how leadership looks like and how we should lead, be honest, have integrity, be authentic, be humble, learn to use our EQ more, etc. They share inspirational stories and meaningful quotations from the plethora of leadership books available in the market.

I have also had the privilege of sitting in board meetings and top-level leadership meetings where team leaders recommend their favourite videos about leadership. Yes, so many touching testimonials and motivational mottos are freely available from the treasure troves of YouTube.

But do these same leaders practise the very virtues they extol?

When I posed the question to these leaders’ colleagues, almost 98% of them said NO. These leaders don’t practise what they preach!

PinocchioThe truth is that leaders lie to themselves. And if they can lie to themselves, they can lie to others too, whether consciously or otherwise.

Not only do leaders lie, they also manipulate and downplay their lies as “merely white lies” for the sake of the organization.

So they continue to do so because they think it is justified. Maybe they think no one knows the truth about the lie. Or that no one cares because after all, everyone else is doing the same!

First of all, the vicious cycle of liarship needs to be broken.

How is it possible for leaders achieve this?

Here is a key: Let the white lies be replaced by White Leadership™.

More in the next instalment….