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About Invictus Leader

Invictus Leader’s experience in leadership development for more than two decades reveals that the industry’s development methodologies all this while have hardly evolved and are largely irrelevant today.

The environment in which we operate has become a much more complex system that is increasingly difficult to manage, filled with countless interacting elements as well as highly ambiguous and incomplete information. Interactions among the system’s elements are nonlinear and so tightly coupled that even a small change can produce disproportionately large repercussions.

That is why we believe that solutions should emerge from the dynamics within the system itself. It would be presumptuous to impose solutions from outside the system and yet expect those solutions to be effective enough to produce the level of results we desire or predict. Hindsight does not necessarily lead to foresight since the elements and conditions of the system are in continual flux.

Today, organizations face a barrage of challenges: Information overload, interconnectedness of systems and business communities, dissolution of traditional organizational boundaries, new technologies that disrupt old work practices, different values and expectations of new generations entering the workplace, increased globalization leading to the need to lead across cultures.

Yesterday’s leadership theories and development are inadequate for today’s disruptive marketplace. We need White Leadership™ in this age of agility. White Leadership™ is Invictus Leader’s proprietary leadership framework.

Since 1992 we have worked with more than 280,000 leaders and managers. Among our clients are Fortune 1000 organizations and leaders, start-ups, and everything in between. We operate in 4 countries – Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore and India – and with 7 associate companies in Australia, Brazil, China, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand and the USA. Our team works with world-class coaches, consultants and educators to deliver defined solutions through results-based methodologies and leadership action learning approaches.

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