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White Leadership - KL 17,18 August 2015 - LR-556The following are testimonials by participants of previous White Leadership™ engagements. 

(Note: Names of workshops/modules were named differently before 2015.)


Excellent presenter; managed to open up our minds and look into different perspectives. Really valuable in developing managers to become LEADERS.

 ~ Manager, F&N


The trainer succeeded in enhancing my knowledge in various aspects of management improvements. Motivated, determined and always responsive to views, opinions and suggestions. He is very knowledgeable, skillful in giving talks, highly experienced and exposed to a wide range of management tools/practices.

~ Deputy Director, MAMPU


Good! It gives me the insight into how to improve my EQ and to be successful in my career.

~ Senior Manager, Tenaga Nasional

Nicely structured, with a good mix of theory and practical to apply the theory learned. Knowledgeable instructor.

~ Assistant Vice-President, Khazanah Nasional Berhad


The workshop gives me the opportunity to scan the leadership values in me. I am glad that I participated in this workshop, and hope the lessons learnt can shine my inner side for betterment.

~ Ketua Penolong Setiausaha (Chief Deputy Secretary), MOSTI/TM


An excellent and workable insight into ones current attitude in the organization and the opportunity available to maximize the individual’s potential to meet and align with the company’s vision and mission.

~ Manager, F&N
It was brilliant. It actually opened up my mind further to try different approaches and most importantly to improve myself to help people improve.
~ Senior Business Manager, Jardine


Focus given on individuals’ profiling while sharing some of the information. The workshop helps to revise some information from previous workshops attended. It provides good check points for my characteristics.

~ Assistant General Manager, Telekom Malaysia


Excellent programme! The trainer is great in engaging everyone and in sharing of experiences. Well done!

~ Vice President, Tenaga Nasional


This is wonderful. It’s an eye opener for me. Preps me better before taking up more responsibilities in the future and makes me a better person than before. This programme should be conducted for the Holdings’ Senior GMs, Heads/GMs.

~ Senior GM, Tenaga Nasional


Mind blowing and eye opener. It shows me how to behave and to be a better leader.

~ KPSU, Malaysia Airports Bhd
I will apply what I have learned in this programme in my daily work. I am now more self-confident, motivated and feel better. It is a good training session and it met my expectations. I will encourage my colleagues to attend this programme too.
~ Manager, Biz Planning & Scheduling (CGO), Malaysian Airlines System


Interesting and self-awakening. Helps in unleashing one’s inner strengths and weaknesses.

~ Manager, F&N Beverages Mfg.


Very impressive and definitely an interesting self-discovery experience.

~ Manager, F&N


Gives us an in-depth thinking of what we are doing at work, whether it is right or wrong.

~ Manager, F&N


Excellent programme to take away. I have experienced and gained valuable knowledge to improve myself.

~ Manager, Malaysia Airports Bhd


I was impressed with the way the facilitator conducted the workshop. It was done professionally with wide knowledge. The facilitator was competent in the subject matter.

~ Deputy Secretary, Prime Minister’s Department

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