How Can We Help You?

How You and Invictus Leader Can Work Together To Develop Leaders
  • We seek to understand your organization’s mission, vision and objectives, including the culture, paradigm and goals of your people, at both individual and team levels.
  • Invictus Leader will focus on you as a leader in the context of your current situation and environment, without any preconceived ideas or judgment.
  • Together we will help you define, quantify and focus on what it is that you really wish to achieve.
  • To ensure that you know what to expect, we will set out the desired specific outcomes in advance, with an emphasis on focus, clear intent as well as measurable business and personal outcomes.
  • We use the Kirkpatrick-Brinkerhoff-Kaufman Model for Training Evaluation.
  • This empowers you to keep track of your milestones as we continually support you in overcoming the obstacles to your organizational and people development, such as legacy practices that are no longer beneficial, or self-limiting thought patterns which inhibit leadership.