LEVEL 2: Leadership Engagement Development

This is a rigorous module that comprises 4 different components, as follows:

  • Leadership Talent Performance Management Strategy

For optimal levels of corporate or business success, you need to engage top-performing employees. To achieve this, Invictus Leader will help you to align your talent management practices with your corporate strategy. Together we will define a consistent set of leadership criteria across all functional areas and identify specific competencies that we can cultivate to drive continuous growth, enable your company to be better prepared to seize new opportunities ahead of competitors, and compete globally.

  • Invictus Leadership Assessment (ILA)

Conducting leadership assessments can help your organization to identify the key areas of executive competence that correlate strongly with superior performance. There are five key areas of such executive competence:

  1. Cognition – the intellectual capacity for problem-solving and managing complexity
  2. Motivation – associated with one’s emotional intelligence, values and drivers
  3. Personality and Temperament – an indicator of how closely personal characteristics match what is required of the role
  4. Technical Knowledge – directly related to the tasks to be completed
  5. Behaviour – indicative of the candidate’s leadership competence

These are the main benefits of the Invictus Leadership Assessment (ILA):

  • To bridge the gap between strategy and business objectives through the practice of effective leadership behaviour, as identified by the ILA;
  • To benchmark how your leaders rank against others, as an objective starting point for skill development;
  • To offer insight and information that help improve leadership effectiveness of team members through an individualized feedback profile which shows how your style and approach affects your ability to lead and influence others;
  • To empower leaders to take responsibility for their interpersonal impact. This is where Invictus Leader will assist you to set goals for enhanced interpersonal performance and to create action plans to modify the necessary behaviour.

The ILA is customizable according to your company’s unique requirements. Benefits of the ILA extend beyond analysis; depending on the outcome of the assessments, our consultants will provide the relevant development engagement and support to individuals and teams.

The ILA can help you in the following situations:

  • When you need to assess the competencies and development needs of the management team;
  • When you need to address post-merger and acquisition issues such as integrating management teams and identifying change agents or transformation leaders;
  • When you need to make the right appointment decision without knowing a lot about the candidates;
  • When you need to ensure that new recruits will add value to the pool of intellectual talent;
  • When you need to assess future your people’s development potential and plan their career paths.


  • Leadership Competency Framework (LCF)




  • Individual and Team Leadership Engagement

From almost 25 years of hands-on research and supported by extant literature on leadership, Invictus Leader believes that the following core principles are necessary to drive an engaged workforce and their teams:


Principle #1: Engaged leadership can be developed.

The capacity to engage others is reliant on your ability to understand, manage and engage yourself. It is a capacity that all of us are able to develop.

Principle #2: There is more than one way to lead for engagement.

Research attests that there is no single correct leadership model. The best leaders are flexible in using a range of leadership styles, depending on the situation and people. To successfully engage employees, leaders must know their people’s motives and expectations and how to link all these in multiple ways, balancing between what drives individuals and teams.

Principle #3: Great leaders align, engage and deliver results.

Great leaders correctly align the needs of individuals with the needs of the team or organization, and will engage their employees accordingly. The outcome is that great leaders are able to achieve results through their people.

In this module, Invictus Leader will also show leaders how to apply the 10 Practical Strategies for Active Employee Engagement.