LEVEL 3: C-Suite and Executive Leadership Engagement

This module consists of 4 distinct parts:

  • Leadership Succession Planning

Good leaders are secure enough to select and groom their successor far in advance. Invictus Leader will help you to identify the right talent and nurture that talent.

  • Leadership Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness Innovation

Invictus Leader will guide you on how to manage a multicultural environment, learn how to be inclusive rather than divisive, and tap from the power of diversity to generate innovation.

  • Cognitive Leadership Coaching

As C-suite leaders, you are expected to be among the thought leaders in your industry or area of expertise. Invictus Leader will coach you on how you can be a respected and trusted source of knowledge, as well as an exemplary leader with the ability to move and inspire your people with innovative ideas, turn ideas into reality, and show others how they can replicate your success.

  • Top Performance Leadership Coaching

Together with you, Invictus Leader coaches will help you reach your full potential holistically – not just in your career, but also in other areas of your life. That’s why our Top Performance Leadership (TPL) coaching conversations typically begin with powerful starting points such as discovering your life’s vision and personal aspirations. Our TPL coaching may also involve collaborating with your leaders, peers and team members to create a top-performance workplace where everyone supports one another to perform at optimal levels.