LEVEL 5: True Leadership

Invictus Leader’s concept of “True Leadership” is unique, but for comparison sake, we shall liken it to Level 5 Leadership, which was developed by Jim Collins. According to Collins’ research, Level 5 Leaders have a unique blend of strong resolve and deep humility, quick to admit mistakes but slow to claim credit for success.

Though the process of becoming a True Leader may be arduous or daunting, it can be achieved if you have the sincere passion and calling to do so. Although the list of leadership characteristics of a True Leader is not meant to be exhaustive, Invictus Leader advocates some basic principles to achieve True Leadership:

  • Authenticity is an important foundation of True Leaders. Break it and everything else will crumble, not necessarily immediately, but eventually.
  • Humility is constructive, whereas arrogance is destructive. True Leaders are not too proud to ask for help from someone who is stronger than them in a specific area. On the other hand, when others need their help, True Leaders are ready to offer it.
  • True Leaders take responsibility for their team’s actions. When things go wrong, Level 5 Leaders don’t wash their hands off but stand behind their team members. When there is success, Level 5 Leaders ensures that due credit goes to the team.
  • True Leaders are disciplined in their work and commitment. They are open to viewpoints but don’t allow fear or criticisms to derail them from doing what is right.
  • The wisdom of True Leaders causes them to realize that they cannot do it all alone. True Leaders are willing to invest time in finding the right people and helping them to reach their full potential.

True Leadership is not a destination but a journey. Although you may be recognized as a True Leader, you never arrive at the pinnacle.