We Are Neither A Training Nor Consulting Company

For the past 25 years, Invictus Leader has been Breaking New Frontiers in Leadership Thinking and Performance”. Our services have been engaged by 8,793 organizations in 32 countries, participated by 321,546 professionals.
Our mission is to empower all talent development professionals with Leadership – Intellect Thinking, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (iTASK) – which they need to be successful and to remain competitive and relevant.
We work with organizations that seek to develop strategic “intent-based performance” leaders and engaged employees to increase their bottom-and top-line results, which in turn will help their clients to succeed as well.
The Invictus Leader team works with you to craft customized solutions for your complex business issues across all economic sectors. Our leadership, management and intellect thinking educational programmes are all tailored to meet your specific needs. By integrating hands-on case studies and simulations based on real-life examples from your own organization, our programmes are practical and sustainable for your people to implement successfully. Every programme that is tailor-made includes targeted assessments.
Our unique Invictus Leader methodology as well as our committed approach ensures that every individual is dedicated to learning, and learning is translated to results. We will provide guidelines to lock in the learning. Moreover, our approach is grounded upon the latest findings on adult learning, science of the brain, cognitive thinking and instructional design.
We believe that we have hacked, debugged and identified the missing link in the perennial problem of Why Do Leadership Development Programmes and Training Fail? And that is why we can guarantee* you 100% success rate.


*Terms & conditions apply