Industrial Revolution 4.0 – INVICTUS LEADER Leadership Talent Evolution Map™

Our leadership engagements are supported by the Industrial Revolution 4.0 – INVICTUS LEADER Leadership Talent Evolution Map™ to help you attain the following:

Leading Self (Awareness): Cognitive Leadership: The first level of learning will help you expand your self-understanding, self-mastery and self-leadership. Doing so enables you to first remove your internal roadblocks to performance and results. Through the learning methodologies applied at the workshop, you also hone your critical and creative thinking skills to discern what is part of “Intellect Leadership” and valuable from what is dubious and not worthwhile.
Leading People (Ability): Legitimate Leadership: At this level of learning, you discover further avenues to develop emotionally intelligent leadership. You bring your interpersonal effectiveness a notch higher to drive sustainable change and make a real difference. You learn how to apply your leadership influence in the right way to challenge entrenched beliefs and practices that are no longer beneficial. Consequently, you are equipped to remove unconscious barriers that have been hindering “Intellect Leadership” performance in your team, while releasing the right motivation and energy to deliver tangible outcomes.
Leading Organizations (Adaptability): Adaptive Leadership: This level of learning is designed to help you understand paradoxes that exist in people, organizations and the business environment as it prepares you to lead organization-wide change. You will also learn how to be adaptive in various contexts of cultural diversity and how to address the perennial problem of people with a narrow and stubborn mindset. The insights you gain will empower you to nurture your organizational talent pool for results, success and boundless possibilities.