Leadership Engagement: 5 Levels of Invictus Intellect Leadership™

The 5 Levels of Invictus Intellect Leadership™
Level 1 – Mindful Leadership (Not for Oneself Leader)…Learning to Lead
Level 2 – Executive Thinking (Team Leader)…Developing Oneself To Be A Leader
Level 3 – Opposable Mind (Manager Leader)…Leading People
Level 4 – Strategic Thinking (Organizational Leader)…Leading Organizations
Level 5 – High Performance Invictus Intellect Leadership™ (Social Enterprise Leader)…Leading for Results


Invictus Leader offers the following 5 Leadership Engagements/Workshops which correspond to the 5 levels of Invictus Intellect Leadership™.

1. Mindful Leadership

You cannot lead others unless you know how to lead yourself first.

~ V. S. Ravi Elangkoh

Many leadership workshops focus on how leaders can accomplish more. In contrast, this leadership module emphasizes something crucial that all leaders must master first and foremost before they can expect real results – the virtuous cycle of self-leadership comprising self-reflection, self-realization and self-refinement.

Psychologist Daniel Goleman, an authority on emotional intelligence in organizations, calls this the leadership paradox in Primal Leadership: “For leaders, the first task in management has nothing to do with leading others; step one poses the challenge of knowing and managing oneself.”

This engagement helps you to mindfully connect with who you are, including understanding your senses, sentiments, skills, strengths and shortcomings at a deeper level. Such an understanding is complemented by the use of independent, established third-party assessment tools, as well as enhanced through Invictus Leader’s intense leadership engagement.  These brain-based leadership engagement sessions will stimulate you to think differently, believe differently and ultimately, lead differently, in ways that surpass your self-imposed limitations.

In summary, “Mindful Leadership” shows you how a no-holds-barred internal inquiry of your true self can lead to the authentic external expression of your real leadership capabilities.

2. Executive Thinking: The Mind of A Leader

“Executive Thinking: The Mind of A Leader” is a hands-on practical leadership development engagement. It provides a supportive learning environment in which you can examine and discuss the challenges and successes you face in the day-to-day management of your staff. The schedule ensures that your individual learning needs and management challenges are recognized.

There are thousands of books written about leadership; many have participated in countless leadership workshops and coaching sessions. Almost everyone identifies influence as a primary characteristic of leadership. By definition, this means that leadership and position are two different things. You can have a title and a position of power, but this does not mean that you are a leader. Even people without these things can exert influence and hence, leadership.

“Why should anyone be led by you?” 

It’s a simple question that executives often find difficult to answer, but this engagement will help you discover the answer to the question.  

3. Opposable Mind: The Mark of A Leader

Talent is not enough for organizations to thrive. What makes the crucial difference between true leadership success and failure is the right mindset. Unfortunately, when bosses become controlling and abusive, they imprison everyone under a fixed mindset. Instead of learning, growing and moving the company forward, everyone gets defensive and worries about being judged.

“Opposable Mind: The Mark of A Leader” will help you to develop a growth mindset. As you evolve into a growth-mindset leader, you will be able to conduct superior negotiations and become sharp at noticing improvement in your employees unlike fixed-mindset leaders who are stuck in their initial impression about others. Furthermore, as a growth-mindset leader, you will be more willing to coach employees and while you are at it, you improve the quality of your developmental coaching skills. Moreover, as a growth-mindset leader, you become fearless about seeking negative feedback from subordinates because you want to improve yourself.

This engagement will help you understand how your mind really works, so you can gain better control over your thinking processes, mind, body and emotions. The enlightened self-awareness will give you the strength to make tough decisions and take the right action, to excel even under pressure.

Employees in a “growth mindset” company are:

47% likelier to say that their colleagues are trustworthy,

34% likelier to feel a strong sense of ownership and commitment to the company,

65% likelier to say that the company supports risk taking, and

49% likelier to say that the company fosters innovation.

4. Strategic Thinking: Think like A Coach, Believe like A Mentor, Lead like A Leader

Today’s highly mobile and globalized workforce is leaving many organizations with staff turnover problems and being stuck in constant retraining mode. Leaders can hardly cope with inadequate human capital, let alone think about attaining high-performance results.

In this leadership engagement, you will understand why employees choose to move or stay. You will learn how to engage both the hearts and minds of individuals and teams to be fully and willingly committed to achieve corporate goals.

This engagement will also show you how you can optimize your organization’s talent pool for high-performance results through the right coaching and mentoring. You will discover the 5 key differentiators between coaching and mentoring, and how to conduct both effectively.

5. Think, Believe & Lead Differently: High Performance Invictus Intellect Leadership™

This is a highly customizable introductory/sampler module that can be applied to different segments: parents, young children, teenagers, college students, young adults or executives – anyone who wants to be a leader, whether at home or at the workplace.