Invictus Intellect Leadership through Invictus Intellect Leadership™ Methodology (IILM): An Overview

Invictus Leader’s concept of Invictus Intellect Leadership™ is unique, but for comparison sake, we shall liken it to Level 5 Leadership, which was developed by Jim Collins.  According to Collins’ research, Level 5 Leaders have a unique blend of strong resolve and deep humility, quick to admit mistakes but slow to claim credit for success.

Though the process of becoming an Invictus Intellect Leader may be arduous or daunting, it can be achieved if you have the sincere passion and calling to do so. Although the list of leadership characteristics of an Invictus Intellect Leader is not meant to be exhaustive, we advocate the basic principles of our Invictus Intellect Leadership™ Methodology (IILM) to help you achieve Invictus Intellect Leadership™:

1) Mindful Leadership

2) Intellect Thinking

3) Opposable Mind

4) Strategic Thinking


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Invictus Intellect Leadership™ is not a destination but a journey!