Founder and CEO


V. S. Ravi

Founder and CEO
Leadership Anthropologist, Leadership Mechanic
Forensic Leadership Coach, Cognitive Coach

I teach, coach and guide people to be leaders who think with their intellect. Almost 90% of my clients are individuals or organizations facing leadership challenges that are not sustainable. These clients have tried different formulas and strategies, but they still end up with the odds stacked heavily against them. So I help them solve their leadership problems and “equalize” their situations. Since 1992, my programmes have been facilitated in 32 countries by 8,793 organizations, participated by 321,546 professionals.

My work, experience and research have enabled me to hack, debug and identify the missing link in the perennial problem of “Why Do Leadership Development Programmes and Training Fail?”

From evidence-based case studies, I realize that there is no such thing as a “Potential Leader” and that the common adage “Leadership is Influence” is misleading. Whether your call to leadership arises from planned or unplanned circumstances, the key element in becoming a leader is your intent. Everyone can be a leader – what you need is to be intentional in choosing to think with intellect.

Leadership is not about one preferred set of characteristics or style. Whatever combination of characteristics you have, you can become an excellent leader through intellect thinking.

It was not by accident, but by intent, that I became a coach, teacher, guide and leader. I resolved to be a lifelong learner and have spent the past 27 years or more studying, teaching, coaching and mentoring in the areas of leadership and intellect thinking. The accumulation of keynotes, presentations, courses, workshops, seminars, breakout sessions and coaching sessions that I have created over the years now make up my “The Art & Science of Intellect Thinking”. In these sessions, I share unique insights from some of the greatest thinkers of all time and how to apply them to your personal life and business.


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein


Some of my articles have been published in the mainstream media while some have been used as reference materials in MBA programmes. I have worked with Fortune Global 500 companies as well as individual leaders. I have been an advisor to the board members of publicly listed companies that intend to break into the Fortune Global 500 list.

In between my professional practice and stints as a visiting global lecturer at universities and institutions of higher learning, I have done pro-bono work for parents with special needs children and for NGOs that focus on children or youths. Besides teaching, coaching and mentoring the young ones, I engage them through chess games and magic performances.