Marcos Nascimento


Marcos Nascimento is a trained professional educator who has over the last 30 years contributed to companies in key organizational areas, both as a Consultant and as a Senior Executive. Top Team Alignment/Effectiveness, Change Management, Cultural Transformations and Leadership Practice are some of the relevant challenges that Marcos has assisted companies to overcome.

Among these areas, Top Team Alignment/Effectiveness and Leadership Practice are the two in which he has the most expertise, deepest experience and greatest passion. Equipped with real hands-on experience, Marcos knows that helping organizations and their Senior Leadership Teams (C-Levels) move through change (whether structural or behavioural) is far more complex than one can envisage. Statistics reveal that at least 70% of change efforts fail due to people issues and from that figure, at least 50% are related to the lack of leadership effectiveness. If you are a Top Team member/leader, Marcos has the mission to help you and your company in this tough battle, using strategy and tactics that really work.

His distinctiveness also comes from the fact that Marcos combines a structured and business approach with a human perspective. The “hard” and the “soft” sides are always together. This can be confirmed from his formal education.

Marco holds MSc Degrees in Education and Information Technology and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. He is also certified in MBTI®, TKI®, TMP® and Barrett® as team effectiveness and cultural diagnostic instruments. Additionally Marcos is a qualified coach by ICF and holds a Centered Leadership Program qualification (by Mobius Executive Leadership Group). He is a Certified Facilitator by the Leadership Strategies Institute and an alumnus from Harvard Kennedy School of Economics, having completed the Executive Education Degree of “The Art and Practice of Leadership Development”.

His working experience includes major global companies such as Aché Pharma Laboratories, Pfizer, Sandoz (Novartis), EDS – Electronic Data Systems, Accenture and PricewaterhouseCoopers where in the last three he acted as Senior VP or Director of Human Resources in Latin America. Marcos had also worked as Global Organization Practice Expert at McKinsey & Co Latin America. He has conducted projects in the Top Team Alignment/Effectiveness and Leadership Practice dimensions in Argentina, Austria, German, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, France, México, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and USA among others, in clients in FOB, Retail, Operations, Banking, Professional Services, Government, Metal & Mining and Pharmaceutical, among others.

Marcos’ greatest desire and mission is simple: to help individuals and teams in order to be aligned and create (more) sustainable value for their companies.