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About Invictus Leader

We are a boutique advisory & consulting research development firm that is specialized in Leadership, People Talent, AI in HR & Workforce Analytics, Corporate Strategy, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence Strategy. Our 32 years of knowledge and experience puts us as one of the few advanced firm that specializes in People, Process and Technology in the AGE of Digital Disruption and 4.0IR.

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Leading Minds Masterclass

Leading Minds Masterclass is a series of interactive, moderated online live webinars that offer our audience real-time conversations with leading minds who are experts in their respective fields.
The featured subject areas are crafted according to the information we glean from survey polls conducted around the Asian region

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Our Services

Through a deep understanding of our audience’s makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences.


Leadership Got Talent

Leadership is never about a person; it is not a personal pronoun but a collective noun. Neither is leadership about IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ, etc. Instead, leadership is about engaging your thinking with intellect.

Innovation Centre

BATIC (Business Analytics Technology Innovation Centre)

An industry leader and independent source of expertise and knowledge for students, alumni, industry organizations, and professional associations regarding the development and use of both the art and science of technology innovation in business analytics.


Invictus Civil Service Institute

A leading provider of high quality, bespoke training for those working in the public sector and civil service. We offer consulting, research, learning and development in areas of great interest to governments of the new millennium.


Invictus Future Foresight Institute

A multifaceted and transdisciplinary learning platform that is fuelled by “future foresight thinking” is a model from 16 years in the making and still evolving. It emerged from a realization that a gap exists between our increasingly VUCAH.


Analytics Institute

Analytics Institute exists to support the Data Science and Analytics sector. We do this by providing a platform for our members to share insights and expertise, to collaborate and build networks in the industry and to foster innovation in the sector.


Invictus Social Enterprise Institute

Brings all the inspiration, knowledge and tools you will need to solve community and environmental problems. There are more people day by day around the world have chosen to do business in a different way and a better way.


Invictus AI, Data Science & Analytics Institute

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we are able to turn your data into insights and competitive advantage. We provide companies with reliable Data Science consulting and AI development.


Project Management Invictus

We help develop and improve your project management and project portfolio management (PPM) framework, allowing you to prioritize and execute strategic projects that will deliver tangible, sustainable benefits.


Our Experience

We can proudly state that we have successfully helped over 9,500 firms in 32 countries, participated by almost half million professionals covering 47 different industries with local offices in 6 countries and 7 associate offices.


Ravi VS

Founder | Foresight Strategist

Kam Weng, Woo

Foresight Leadership Strategist

Dr Marko Kesti

Artificial Intelligence Scientist

Shaw Fong, Ho

Future-Ready Business Strategist

Leaders who understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace leaders who don’t. It is not AI that will replace leaders

~ VS Ravi

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