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VS Ravi

V.S Ravi

Founder | CEO | Future Foresight Thinker | Leadership Mechanic | Business Intelligence Strategist

Ravi is the most compelling, non-conformist and proactive thought leader who challenge what is so-called unchallengeable or impossible. Widely respected on his current model Future Leadership Foresight™ infusing Cognitive Leadership™ & Intellect Thinking™.


Some have addressed him as the GEMINI MAN. A mixture of both YIN and YANG. Steadfast combination of tactical management consulting and delivering AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.


1.Designed and implemented project management process for one of the largest  logistics company in the world.

2.Lead facilitator for 148 firms representing 27 different industries to develop and train sales process. And achieving sustainable sales turn around.  Obtaining a collective sales of USD$1.8 billion.

3.Led teams in M&A exercise for mid-size to Fortune 500 firms.

4.Developed and designed analytics to match project managers against project scope complexity with project managers experience and capacity.

5.Nation wide fiber optics role out managed and consulted.

6.Provided advisory and organization maturity assessment for the largest Fertility Hospital and Brewery in Europe.

7.Designed and implemented library management system for several libraries in the world.

8.Designed, implemented process frameworks for 17 industries covering educational, engineering, medical and others.

1.Facilitated combined personal sales turnover  sales milestone of USD$27 million

2.Facilitated 7 sales turn around in 3 different  industries

3.Speaker and project manager for the White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges & Universities

4.Designed a develop and engaged a framework on Future Foresight Thinking™

5.Last 10 years he has Mentor-Coached 16 CEO’s some from the Fortune 500 list in 14 countries.

6.Consulted and facilitated leadership teaching, mentoring and coaching

Spoken at several global conference platforms on Future Foresight Skills for Leaders in the Age of AI and 4IR and Future Foresight Thinking